Latest Blog/News / Do I need a website redesign?

A modern mobile friendly website is vital to any business operating today, so do you need a website redesign?

You may already have a website, and in most cases that website has probably served your business well for the past 5 years or more. But as with everything in life, the world of websites and internet technology move at an amazing pace!! What was fine as a useable website this time last year could well be out of date by the time you read this and your current or potential customers could bypass your site and visit a competitor site for a number of reasons – features, usability, fresh content and more.

Or it could be that your business has had a rebrand, a new logo, or you just want to attract some more customers or a different demographic. Furthermore, trends shift and what was OK when your website was first launched may be too much now for users on different devices.

Why a new website?

If your current website hasn’t had a revamp or redesign in the last 3-5 years, then the chances are it isn’t responsive/mobile friendly and it doesn’t appeal to your current customer base.

Having a current responsive website is not only advantageous to your users, it will also give you better results in Google. Couple that with the latest updates in technology and the most current content management systems and you could have a website that is not only easier to use for your customers, but also easier to use for you as the business owner with more features and better user interface when adding content, products and more.

You could write weekly blog articles for your customers which will in turn give better Google ranking to your website.

What about eccommerce sites?

You may have an ecommerce site that has served you well for years and still produces decent sales, but could it be improved upon? Does the site have all of the features that the modern online shopper requires such as wish lists, coupon codes, gift lists, multiple shipping addresses and more.

If you haven’t made many changes to your store for more than 5 years then again your current site is undoubtedly in need of a revamp to increase sales.

Old technology

You may have a site that was built way back over 10 years ago, in which case it will be running on older technology and may not have had an update since it’s first days out in the wild. Whilst this would look OK for most users, generally website users are more savvy when it comes to design technology these days and if they spot that your site is running on older technology it can have an impact on whether that potential customer chooses your business.

Our Verdict

It is important that your website reflects your business – it needs to be modern in design, easy to use, quick loading, nice looking and mobile friendly so users on any device can quickly see what your business is about and can contact you with ease.

Redesigning your current site can be one of the best things you can do for your business – not only does it improve your customers user experience, it also makes you look fresh and modern to any potential customers that are considering your services.

If you look at your current site and find it lacking in any area, get in touch with us to discuss a much needed redesign and/or rebrand.