Latest Blog/News / Are you ready for Google Mobilegeddon?

Google are to release yet another huge algorithm update on the 21st April 2015, and this time it is a big one dubbed “Mobilegeddon”!

The aim of the update is to improve ranking for websites that are mobile optimised, and they have decided that “responsive” websites are the key sites that will have increased exposure in mobile searches, over more traditional separate mobile sites. And with mobile traffic now achieving around 50% of website visits it’s an important update.

Early warnings are saying that some websites could be affected with a 50% drop in organic search engine traffic, which genuinely means up to a 50% drop in proper customer traffic to your site, rather than being a scaremongering figure.

So now is the time to get your site into shape and start on a mobile strategy.

Most of our websites since 2013 have been built with mobile/responsive in mind but it all depends on what type of site you have and when it was built. Anything we have done in WordPress is generally responsive, but if your site is older than 2013/2014 it is highly likely that it is not mobile ready unless we have converted it recently.

We are currently busy converting some of our older customer sites, as well as our own brand new website to be responsive, but if you would like your own site converting contact us to discuss.

We can then advise if your site is mobile ready, and if not what steps can be taken to ensure it is made responsive. The time taken to convert a site, and the costs involved depend on the type of site, the age, the content and other factors.

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